Tips for tourists in England
Tips for tourists in England
  • Entrance to almost all the main museums in England is absolutely free. You decide how much you are willing to donate to the museum.
  • You can change currency in England at banks that are open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 15:30 (large banks are open until 17:30), as well as at currency exchange offices, often open around the clock. It is worth evaluating in advance the profitability of exchanging money at a bank or point, comparing the exchange rate and the commission fee.
  • The mains voltage is 240 V. To use electrical appliances that were purchased in Russia, you need to grab an adapter for electrical appliances with a three-prong plug.
  • You can leave a tip to waiters and taxi drivers in the amount of 10% of the bill. However, it is not customary to tip guides, guides and bartenders.
  • If you rent a car, remember: driving in the UK is on the left hand side, parking is not allowed in central London, and in other areas it costs from 20p to 1 GBP for 15 minutes. In addition, finding a free parking space is usually not easy. A car can be rented by drivers at least 23 years old with a driving experience of at least a year. In England, seat belts are mandatory. Near English streets at pedestrian crossings, you can often see the inscription "Look right" - a reminder of the unusual direction of car traffic.
  • It is worth trying the famous English fast food - "fish and chips" (deep-fried cod or haddock fillet) with french fries cut into large slices. As for more substantial meals, we advise you to try: the famous Yorkshire pudding (batter with lamb fat), as well as the equally famous black pudding (blood sausage filling), lancashire hotpot - meat stew with vegetables, stewed in a pot, cornish pasty - beef with vegetables, baked in dough, pork pie and all kinds of sausages. Drinks worth trying are ale, pear and apple cider, as well as numerous local gins and whiskeys.